GP Frontline: a profile on DAUK

A profile of DAUK and our newest committee member in the RCGP magazine, GP Front line: “a fledging but already high-profile political lobbying group, The Doctors’ Association, providing the virtual organisation with a GP voice on issues such as Brexit, and the recent Bawa-Garba case. “

“We’re an Independent, non-profit, non-partisan political lobbying group for doctors” . Adrian explains, “it was apparent that there was a desire for doctors to become more involved in political campaigning.


DAUK replies to Charlie Massey raising concern over the GMC’s continued appealing of MPTS verdicts to impose harsher sanctions on doctors

DAUK has replied to a letter from Charlie Massey dated 13 September. We welcome the apology offered by Mr Massey and the opportunity to meet. DAUK has, however, expressed concern in a number of areas, including the news that the GMC is continuing to appeal MPTS verdicts, and call on the GMC to cease doing so urgently.