Scrap the Cap: Dr Nnaemeka Chidumije appears on Sky News

Today Dr Nnaemeka Chidumije, an NHS surgeon whose visa has been denied to return to the UK appeared on Sky News. Alongside Dr Iain Campbell, Secretary General of the Independent Health Professional Association, Dr Chidumije discussed his case as well as DAUK's campaign Scrap the Cap.

Dr Chidumijie had this to say:

"I've lived in the UK since 2013, I've enjoyed working in the NHS, it's been a privilege."

"I am very keen to come back to the Uk and continue the job I love I work with brilliant trainers, colleagues, nurses, doctors, healthcare works, and it's been such a privilege to work in the NHS"

"I have got brilliant colleagues from the DAUK going with this Scrap the Cap campaign they have been brilliant and intend to come back to the UK and continue my work as a surgical trainee in the NHS".

Home Office statement

A Home Office spokesperson gave this statement.

Dr Iain Campbell, Secretary-General of the IHPA had this to say in response:

"It's an outrageous example of a tickbox mentality. The NHS is drastically short staffed, for [the government] to try and claim that this is somehow acting in the national interest is frankly outrageous."

"There's a very human consequence to this and my heart goes out to Dr Chidumije"

"Immigrants far from being a problem to our health care service, they are the backbone and fundamentally the service would not work without their help".

"It is madness that doesn't take into account the needs of the system. We desperately need as many people as we can get, there is no way the NHS is not struggling without him [Dr Chidumije]."

"I am very grateful to DAUK for the excellent work they have done on the Scrap the Cap PR drive to raise awareness of this issue"

You can watch the full interview below courtesy of Dr Kishan Rees of WatMed Media.

Dr Nnaemeka Chidumije on Sky News 31st May alongside Dr Iain Campbell. Video courtesy of Dr Kishan Rees of WatMed Media