DAUK in the Financial Times: Whistleblowers need more protection in a post-Covid workplace

One way to make workplaces safer is to provide secure channels for reporting wrongdoing. In the UK, organisations including the whistleblowing charity Protect, WhistleblowersUK, and the Doctors’ Association UK are campaigning for change. Reform is also the goal of a private members’ bill sponsored by the MP Philippa Whitford and of a House of Lords’ bill sponsored by Baroness Kramer.


Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden for The Sunday Times: empathy “beaten out” of doctors

Following an article published last week suggesting that doctors need communication skills lesson due to evidence of a loss empathy during training DAUK was asked to respond.

DAUK Co-Founder Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden who has authored a number of research papers on empathy decline in doctors and medical students wrote this letter to the Editor, published today in The Sunday Times:


Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden for AJEM: Women should not have to prove their non-inferiority

Last year The Doctors’ Association UK Co-Founder Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden raised concerns regarding an article published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine comparing first-pass intubation success of female and male physicians.

In a collaboration with doctors internationally Sammy co-authored a letter to the editor which was published in AJEM this month.


Dr Rinesh Parmar for The Telegraph: the Government must now pay more than lip service to the pensions crisis

Dr Rinesh Parmar responds to claims the NHS is being held to ransom by locums in a letter published by The Telegraph. Citing the NHS pension tax crisis he said there has been ample time to remedy the situation and address the concerns of NHS staff and patients. He further added the Government must now pay more than lip service to the pensions crisis, and work constructively towards retaining its highly trained and dedicated NHS workforce. Read the full letter here.