DAUK on doctors.net: prime minister refuses to relent on NHS surcharge

"The Prime Minister will not relent on the levy of health surcharges on NHS and care workers from overseas, he said yesterday.

Mr Johnson's comments angered medical organisations, who have been pressing for improved recognition of the commitment of overseas health and care workers.

Pressed by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, Mr Johnson said: "I have thought a great deal about this, and I accept and understand the difficulties faced by our amazing NHS staff. I have been a personal beneficiary of carers who have come from abroad and frankly saved my life. I know exactly the importance of what he asks. On the other hand, we must look at the realities.
"This is a great national service—it is a national institution—that needs funding, and those contributions help us to raise about £900 million. It is very difficult in the current circumstances to find alternative sources."

Sir Keir said that a careworker, on the national living wage, would have to work 70 hours to pay the new surcharge rate of £624 a year, citing the Doctors' Association and other medical groups.
Doctors' Association president Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden said: "We know that BAME healthcare workers are at a higher risk of dying from COVID-19, yet our dedicated colleagues from overseas contribute to put their lives on the line to serve the NHS. The smallest recognition of this selfless act would be to scrap the surcharge for NHS and social care workers."


DAUK in The Daily Mirror:This Morning viewers rage as Matt Hancock brags NHS workers death rate and PPE were a success

"This Morning viewers were furious as they watched Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby quiz the Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Tuesday.

The government has been heavily criticised after frontline NHS workers claimed they did not have adequate PPE, but the MP insisted the death rate of 158 workers was a great success.

A shipment of PPE which was delayed was then found to not pass safety standards, while companies that created PPE said the government was not interested in buying it.

Images even circulated of doctors and nurses wearing makeshift PPE including raincoats to try to protect themselves.

Holly told the Health Secretary that the Doctors Association UK is demanding an enquiry into the failure to provide adequate PPE."


DAUK in Stylist: “Thank Rosena Allin-Khan for advocating for doctors and NHS staff so eloquently

DAUK in Stylist: “Thank Rosena for advocating for doctors and NHS staff so eloquently,” The Doctors’ Association UK responded. “This is shameful from the Health Secretary.”

The article continues: "It’s safe to say that Dr Rosena Allin-Khan has been pretty busy during the coronavirus outbreak. Alongside managing her position as a Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Allin-Khan has returned to the NHS to support her colleagues on the frontline during the pandemic."

"Speaking of the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on health workers across the country, Dr Allin-Khan returned to Parliament yesterday to ask questions of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock."

"But instead of shining a light on the realities of key workers facing the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak, her visit to Parliament has made headlines for a very different reason, after Hancock told Dr Allin-Khan to watch her tone when asking questions."