MedSupplyDriveUK Survey

MedSupplyDrive UK is a UK-based charity formed to protect frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic. DAUK have supported them throughout this year. They are carrying out this key survey on use of reusable…


DAUK on Channel 5 News: Dr Zainab Najim talks about lack of covid tests for NHS staff

DAUK's Dr Zainab Najim on the troubles of obtaining a COVID test as an essential worker

Trainee GP, Dr Najim and her doctor husband who have symptoms have been isolated for two days trying to get a test. And so far her husband's been told by his hospital there's no priority test for him.

'We have contacted occupational health, but they can't take calls. We've left an email and their response has been that they are really, really overstretched at the moment and to try the government service in the first instance. And in the meantime, they are trying to work through the backlog.'