DAUK in The Independent: the Government must be held accountable for the worst A&E times on record as doctors ‘work themselves into the ground’

Dr Rinesh Parmar, The Doctors’ Association UK Chair tells The Independent that the latest A&E wait times figures came as a “direct result of years of underfunding” citing poor morale and spiralling workloads as contributing to a staffing crisis in emergency medicine.


DAUK letter in GP Online: Over 1000 GPs sign letter from 2000 doctor to Boris Johnson warning the NHS is on its knees

The letter, sent by the Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) and signed by over 2,000 doctors - including 654 GPs and 312 GP trainees - highlights the devastating impact that 'years of underfunding' have had on the NHS.

Doctors are ‘working themselves into the ground’ to keep services afloat, it adds, warning that the haemorrhaging of frontline staff cannot continue.