Dr Cicely Cunningham speaks at Action against Medical Accidents AvMA conference

DAUK’s Learn Not Blame lead Dr Cicely Cunningham was invited to speak to clinical negligence solicitors discussing where professional accountability should start and end. This was followed by a panel discussion with the QC for the Professional Standards Authority who argued at Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba’s appeal. Dr Cicely gave a thought provoking and powerful talk and promoted a stimulating discussion regarding a just culture in the NHS.


DAUK replies to Charlie Massey raising concern over the GMC’s continued appealing of MPTS verdicts to impose harsher sanctions on doctors

DAUK has replied to a letter from Charlie Massey dated 13 September. We welcome the apology offered by Mr Massey and the opportunity to meet. DAUK has, however, expressed concern in a number of areas, including the news that the GMC is continuing to appeal MPTS verdicts, and call on the GMC to cease doing so urgently. 


DAUK receives a reply from Charlie Massey

DAUK has received a reply from Mr Charlie Massey, CEO of the GMC, to a letter sent on the 21st August from DAUK and 1200 GMC registered doctors, including Dr Philippa Whitford MP. 

We welcome Mr Massey’s apology and will be taking him up on his offer to meet DAUK.