Dr Cicely Cunningham featured on BBC World Service, The Why Factor – Blame

‘When things go wrong, we crave something or someone to blame. It's an emotional response found in nearly every culture - but why is this something we all recognise?’

After a junior doctor was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter for mistakes made whilst working under intolerable pressure, a campaign for a just culture in the NHS was launched by DAUK. This campaign, Learn Not Blame, is lead by Dr Cicely Cunningham, a DAUK executive committee member. Listen to Cicely being interviewed by BBC World Service for The Why Factor in this episode about blame.


Dr Jenny Vaughan wins BMJ award

We are so proud of our Law and Policy Officer and Founder of Manslaughter and Healthcare Dr Jenny Vaughan for being awarded the BMJ Editor’s Award for speaking ‘Truth to Power’. As well as being a Consultant Neurologist for the past 14 years, Jenny was also the medical lead for the successful overturning of the gross negligence manslaughter conviction of Mr David Sellu. Alongside DAUK Jenny campaigned for Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba’s successful appeal and supported her for a number of years prior to this.

DAUK would like to congratulate Jenny on this very well deserved award!


Parliamentary inquiry into gross negligence manslaughter, Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba and the GMC

After months of pressure on the Health Select Committee, from DAUK, David Nicholl, Alan Woodall GP Survival and others, a Parliamentary inquiry has now been announced.

Despite the request coming from the grassroots, disappointingly no doctors or organisations representing doctors have been invited to give evidence. However, the Health Select Committee will be hearing from Charlie Massey.


GP Frontline: a profile on DAUK

A profile of DAUK and our newest committee member in the RCGP magazine, GP Front line: “a fledging but already high-profile political lobbying group, The Doctors’ Association, providing the virtual organisation with a GP voice on issues such as Brexit, and the recent Bawa-Garba case. “

“We’re an Independent, non-profit, non-partisan political lobbying group for doctors” . Adrian explains, “it was apparent that there was a desire for doctors to become more involved in political campaigning.