DAUK in Medscape: powerful message to Boris Johnson on PPE projected onto Parliament

A PPE message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson was projected onto Parliament last night by Doctors Association UK (DAUK). In the video DAUK President Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden said: "The NHS saved your life. Now we need you to save ours. Doctors are dying. Nurses are dying. Just last week I lost one of my own colleagues to COVID-19. I can’t tell you what that feels like. It’s time for the Government to act and save the lives of those we clap for every single Thursday."


DAUK in Medscape: Consultant’s Death ‘A Loss to NHS Family

Before the tragic loss ENT consultant Amged El-Hawrani, DAUK wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock asking him to ensure that doctors families will be provided for if a doctor dies after treating Covid-19 patients. DAUK President Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden said it was “morally unforgivable that at a time when we are asking UK doctors to put their lives on the line, that many have been told their families won’t be provided for in the event of their death”

Regarding mental health support, Dr Natalie Ashburner, wellbeing lead for DAUK commented: “It is encouraging that the need for increased mental health support is recognised. However, we hope that the concerns of those working in acute mental health services in terms of how to protect both staff and patients when treating coronavirus within mental health settings will be address in this guidance”