DAUK is devastated to hear of the loss of an NHS Consultant

The Doctors’ Association UK is deeply saddened to hear of the death of Dr Amged El-Hawrani, an ENT consultant aged 55, due to COVID-19. Our thoughts are with their family at this painful time. 

All doctors, including our members, will be deeply affected by this tragic sad news. We recognise that this will be an incredibly difficult time for the medical profession.


Press release: Boris Johnson has finally acknowledged that what frontline doctors have been saying for weeks

Providing a voice for frontline medics, DAUK has been warning for weeks that doctors across the country are concerned that the NHS is unprepared for an outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Today, the government has heard and acknowledged what frontline doctors have been saying for some time - that the NHS is already on its knees, such that it will find it difficult to cope with a Coronavirus outbreak. It should not have taken this long to have an honest conversation to address the issue of critical care capacity and our ability to look after our sickest patients.


PRESS RELEASE: Mental Health Patients at risk due to lack of funding for repairs and upgrades

Dr Natalie Ashburner responds to a report from NHS Providers stating that patient safety is at risk due to underfunding of Mental Health Trusts. The report which states that “two thirds of NHS mental health trusts will not receive the funding they need to invest in urgent repairs or upgrade their facilities” goes on to say that “many are still being cared for in inappropriate dormitory-style wards.”