DAUK in The Times: NHS creates ‘Covid-free’ hospitals to stop winter waiting lists soaring

“The overall idea is that we will not be doing what we did the first time,” said Lewis, who works in London and is the general secretary of the Doctors’ Association UK. “Some people will have to be redeployed, but it won’t be on the scale that it was before.”

Her chief concern is for patients without the virus. “I’m hopeful that we’ve learned some lessons from the first wave. From a personal point of view, I just want to continue treating cancer patients – my big fear this time around is for non-Covid patients.”


DAUK on Radio 4: Dominic Cummings has angered doctors

Dr Rebecca Lewis DAUK General Secretary on Radio4 on Dominic Cummings: “We've all seen our patients go through the most unimaginable things in the last few months. And we've all had to make difficult decisions when going to work about child care and what we should do if we get sick. We don't have this option to go to second homes and go to get this extra help.”


DAUK in The Guardian: doctors welcome NHS surcharge u-turn

Dr Rebecca Lewis, of the Doctors‘ Association UK said the organisation was delighted with the U-turn. “At all times, but especially in the current pandemic, it is absolutely right that health workers who should be exempt from an extra charge to access the health service they contribute so much,” she said. “We are privileged to have them care for us, and finally this has been recognised. This a welcome decision from Boris Johnson and one we applaud.”