DAUK in the Guardian: Doctors warn ‘culture of fear’ in NHS could prevent whistleblowing

Doctors have warned that a “culture of fear” in the NHS may prevent life-saving lessons being learned about Covid-19 after a leading hospital consultant emailed scores of staff saying those responsible for “leaks” would be found and fired.

“Communications like this instil fear and are toxic,” said Dr Jenny Vaughan, law and policy officer at Doctors Association UK, said. “When things go wrong we have to make sure lessons are learned, and we have to feel able to speak up. It is always important to support staff who have concerns about safety and not make them feel they are working in a culture of fear.”


DAUK in the Guardian: Ministers accused of ‘betrayal’ over NHS surcharge for migrants

Doctors have accused ministers of “a crass betrayal” by not honouring Boris Johnson’s pledge to scrap the £400-a-year fees foreign-born NHS staff have to pay for healthcare.

The Doctors’ Association UK has written to Priti Patel, the home secretary, criticising the delay as “unacceptable”.

“It shows a crass betrayal of thousands of migrant healthcare staff who have served this country during its time of desperate need.”


DAUK in the Guardian: Migrant healthcare staff still paying NHS fee despite Johnson U-turn

Foreign NHS workers and carers are still being charged for using the health service, despite the prime minister’s pledge to scrap these fees “as soon as possible”.

But a poll conducted by Doctors Association UK exclusively shared with the Guardian showed 158 NHS workers reported having to continue to pay for immigration health surcharge, while just eight reporting said they did not.


DAUK in the Guardian: Six in 10 NHS doctors facing shortage of scrubs, shows UK survey

Dozens of hospitals are running short of scrubs in the latest problem to hit the NHS over the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the coronavirus pandemic.

The shortages are revealed in a survey of UK doctors undertaken by the Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK), which found that 61% said that the hospital where they worked was facing a shortage of scrubs.


DAUK in the Guardian: Doctor quits NHS over Dominic Cummings’ refusal to resign

Dr Dominic Pimenta has decided to resign because he fears that the behaviour of Boris Johnson’s chief adviser could help trigger a second wave of coronavirus and is angered by the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, the president of the Doctors’ Association UK, said: “It is a tragedy to lose such a dedicated doctor from the NHS. Dr Pimenta’s reasons for quitting will no doubt resonate with the medical profession. Many doctors have been appalled at the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic as the crisis has unfolded.


DAUK in the Guardian: Care home staff could be asked to work without PPE under council plan

Health and social care workers could be asked to volunteer to look after people with Covid-19 without wearing protective equipment in the event of extreme shortages, according to proposals seen by the Guardian.

Dr Jenny Vaughan, law and policy lead at the Doctors’ Association, said: “Nobody should be put at unnecessary risk just for going in and doing their job.”