Dear Mr Streeting

Congratulations on your election success.

We as grassroots GPs are relieved that, finally, there is a chance to address the crisis within the NHS, and in particular the crisis in general practice.

Having spoken about bringing healthcare closer to home, and the importance of the family doctor, we are glad to see you have chosen to visit a GP practice in your first week.

The evidence for an efficient, high-performing health service clearly shows that an enduring relationship with a GP and continuity of care must be the foundation from which we rebuild our broken NHS.

We must heavily caution against the implementation of policies which seek to separate acute and chronic care.

This is unevidenced and, most importantly, patients have not been asked if this is what they want.

Furthermore, it is at odds with the idea of a family doctor, where every interaction helps build the bigger picture of the underlying causes of each patient’s presentation.

Disrupt this model, and care will be fragmented, more expensive and less efficient. We have linked to our manifesto for general practice.

You will note, to restore levels of real terms funding last seen in 2015, would cost the equivalent of £3 per patient per month.

The reason general practice cannot keep up with current acute demand is because we are trying to function in 2024 after almost a decade of underfunding.

We do not need wholesale reform, we need to be funded.

We are not asking for the earth, but we are asking for inflationary uplifts to the contract, and the ability to flex our services to meet the needs of our populations.

Together we can improve care for our patients, and indeed get the country living healthy, productive lives again.

We would welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss the issues facing general practice.

We are always open to discussion and challenge on what we have suggested, and would welcome your feedback.

We wish you the best in your role, and are here to support you where we can.

Yours sincerely,

DAUK GP committee