Welcome to Overseas NHS Workers Day 2024

Overseas workers make an incredible contribution to the NHS and the health of our nation. 

They make up a significant proportion of the total NHS workforce and are dedicated to saving lives and looking after people.

An estimated one in seven of all NHS staff are from overseas, representing more than 200 different nationalities.

Put simply, there wouldn’t be a National Health Service without them.

Which is why every year, the Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) recognises the incredible contributions of International staff to our NHS with Overseas NHS Workers Day.

What is Overseas NHS Workers Day?

It was established by DAUK to celebrate the value that overseas workers bring to our NHS.

This year is the fourth annual Overseas NHS Workers Day, which is recognised by Days of the Year, and takes place on Friday 1 March.

The NHS has always needed support from overseas staff. They are here to help, yet many face significant difficulties in their work, 

Overseas NHS Workers Day provides an opportunity to celebrate their contributions, tell their stories, and to also highlight the challenges they face.

What is this year’s theme?

Overseas NHS Workers Day is a chance to celebrate the value that all overseas workers bring to our NHS.

However, this year DAUK is focusing on the contributions of international medical graduate (IMG) GPs and the particular difficulties they face.

It follows the release of the book ‘Why Can’t I See My GP?’ by former DAUK co-chair Ellen Welch, which shines a light on the crisis facing general practice.

We’ll be sharing some of the stories of IMG GPs and celebrating their successes, as well as those of overseas workers across the NHS.

How can we get involved?

DAUK has written to Trusts and health organisations across the country inviting them to be part of the day. There are many ways people and organisations can join in the day.

  • Post a message on social media using the hashtag #OverseasNHSWorkersDay #ONHS2024
  • If you are an overseas NHS worker, share your story with us
  • Wear blue and green, the colours of the earth and of Overseas NHS Workers Day
  • Send a colleague a message or a card to let them know you appreciate them
  • Download our posters and display them in your buildings
  • Display flags of different nationalities in your buildings
  • And if you are posting pictures and videos on social media, please remember to tag us:
    • @theDA_UK and @WorkersNHS on X/Twitter
    • @thedoctorsassociationuk on Instagram
    • @TheDoctorsAssociationUK on Facebook

Meet the Founder of Overseas NHS Workers Day: Dr Pushpo Babul Hossain

Pushpo is an accomplished International Medical Graduate (IMG) from Bangladesh who has been making waves since she joined the NHS in January 2020. She is a passionate advocate for IMGs, like herself, with a strong desire to make the NHS a comfortable and safe place for all.

In November 2020, Pushpo became a member of DAUK and has been actively involved in their efforts to improve working conditions for NHS workers.

Pushpo is the founder of Overseas NHS workers day, which was launched to celebrate the contributions of international health care workers. Her advocacy efforts extend to fighting for Indefinite Leave to Remain for all international healthcare workers who have worked during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Beyond her advocacy work, Pushpo is particularly interested in Medical Education. She has taught medical students of Cambridge University as a teaching fellow and has co-founded the Tackling the NHS Culture Shock teaching program for fellow IMGs, which has won several awards.

Resources for doctors new to the UK

The British Medical Association (BMA) has produced online information and support for doctors who are settling in the UK.

It includes a guide to the BMA and how it supports doctors who are new to the UK with employment advice, legal and financial services, and confidential wellbeing support.

The guidance is also home to a New to the UK e-resource, which is home to toolkits and guidance on a range of topics including How the NHS works, Training in the UK and you visa, and Writing your medical CV.

There are information videos on how the BMA helps doctors new to the UK and IMG doctors new to the UK.

Visit BMA: here for the doctors new to the UK

GPonline, which provides news, information, and guidance on issues affecting GPs and primary care teams, has also put together some resources to support IMG GPs.

They include this podcast with Sheffied GP Dr Sylvia Kama-Kieghe, who is chair of the RCGP’s Northern Faculties IMG steering group, in which she talks about the challenges IMG doctors face and what the NHS and general practice can do to support them. The page also contains useful links for IMG doctors.