Sammy is a ST4 trainee in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine currently enjoying her maternity leave with her 10 month old baby Joshua. Sammy previously held a role with the BMA and a seat on the LNC, and was instrumental in organising regional industrial action during the Junior Contract dispute. A passionate advocate for the NHS, Sammy has been interviewed on national television, appearing on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, in addition to national radio, and has written for The Times, The Independent and The Guardian. She has keen interest in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, Ergonomics and patient safety, and writes a regular blog for RCEM on Human Factors.



Dr rinesh parmar

Rinesh is Specialty Registrar in Anaesthetics in the West Midlands. He became more involved in grassroots activism around the time of industrial action. He has served on a number of LNCs across the West Midlands and is currently the Co-Chair of West Midlands Regional Junior Doctors’ Committee.

Rinesh organised local industrial action and has conducted local media interviews during the industrial action. He volunteers for two charities and has a keen interest in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. He is a passionate advocate of doctors’ rights and a campaigner for the restoration of the NHS as a publicly funded, free at the point of use universal healthcare system.



dr clare blackwell

Clare is a clinical research fellow in Gastroenterology in Glasgow having completed ACCS-AM and spent some time volunteering in rural Malawi.

She has been involved in grassroots activism for a number of years, defending the NHS and speaking up for healthcare workers. She co-ordinated local strike action in Poole during the junior doctor’s dispute, attending LNC meetings, organising local press coverage and events to engage the general public and wider trade union movement. 

She has also been involved in voluntary work with the homeless and asylum seekers and is keen to promote access to healthcare for the most vulnerable in society. She remains passionately committed to preserving the NHS as a publicly funded and controlled health service that is free at the point of use and improving the lives of UK doctors and other healthcare workers.

Julia Face.jpg

public relations OFFICER

Dr Julia Patterson 

Julia is a CT3 trainee in Psychiatry. During the junior doctors contract dispute, Julia founded The National Health Singers who managed to write, record and release a song within 3 weeks. The music video went viral. The choir have since performed with Boy George on Stand Up To Cancer.

Julia set up the Local Media Campaign, co-ordinating 100 doctors and helping them to contact their local media outlets to advocate for junior doctors. Professional speakers lent Julia their time to train doctors to speak effectively in the media.

Later, Julia helped to set up and run the Junior Doctors Alliance (JDA). They gained national media coverage promoting doctors’ interests. In Summer 2017, Julia was part of the #voteNHS campaign team. Their video reached 13 million people and has been declared the most influential thing on social media in the run-up to the general election.

Julia has interviewed on Sky News, ITV, and the Victoria Derbyshire show, amongst other TV and radio programmes.

In January 2018, Julia founded The Political Mess (DAUK’s online forum). She has been blown away by its success, which is down to its committed, loyal and politically proactive members.



Dr Cicely Cunningham

Dr Cicely Cunningham is a Clinical Oncology Specialty Trainee in Glasgow. Coming to medicine later in life, she has a broad range of experience outside of medicine. Her first degree was in Oriental Studies (Mandarin Chinese) at Cambridge and she also has a Masters in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She has worked as a Fast Stream Civil Servant both in the Department for International Development, where she worked in Clare Short’s office as Private Secretary, and in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, doing work on poverty and social exclusion in the UK. She trained in medicine and completed her Foundation Programme in Wales before moving to Scotland to continue Specialty Training. She works full time and is mum to two small children. Her personal interests are in patient safety and promoting a learning culture.



Dr Neil Tiwari

Neil is currently a core trainee in anaesthesia in the West Midlands.
After moving to the UK at age 17 and completing undergraduate medicine, he finished foundation training and his core training in emergency medicine. He subsequently worked for two years as a clinical fellow in paediatric emergency medicine, paediatric critical care retrieval and adult ITU.

Neil is keenly interested in clinical simulation training, and the resuscitation and transfer of critically unwell children.

Having worked in the NHS for seven and a half years, he has seen its continued systematic and deliberate neglect during his professional career, and acutely seen the  effects of it on the frontlines, spurring him to take a more active role in recent weeks.

Neil has previously spoken out publicly in written correspondence and on social media against the defamation of his EU colleagues by the right wing press, as well as giving radio interviews locally in Birmingham during the Junior doctor contract dispute whilst participating in industrial action.



Dr Veronika Wagner

Dr Wagner works as Associate Specialist in tertiary mental health. She came to the UK nearly 20 years ago from Germany, a country where post- nominals have yet to be invented. In 2012 with the passage of the Health and Social Care Act, something clicked and she joined the National Health Action Party where she has served on the executive since 2015. In 2017 she was accredited as a workplace representative for Unite the Union. Having grown up with music in the house, in 2008 she decided to take things further and began studying music as a very slow stream part time student. She is currently in her third year.


News correspondent

Dr Raisa Ahmed

Dr Raisa Ahmed is an ST1 in Paediatrics and has just returned from maternity leave. She completed her medical degree at the University of Sheffield. After finishing F1 and F2 at KSS, she lived between the UAE and the UK for 2 years. During this time, she was exposed to the US style insurance-based healthcare system in the UAE, which she found to be discriminatory and extremely inhumane. During the junior doctor contract dispute, she was working as Paediatric clinical fellow at Bristol. She was very vocal on social media and ready to take part in industrial action but was disappointed with the BMA when they back tracked. Raisa has been engaged in activism since her school days and is vocal anti-war, anti-racism and pro-feminist. With a keen interest in global health and several articles to her name, she hopes to do a master’s in International Health in the future. With most of her extended family in India, she has personal experience of the horrors of profit driven healthcare system and is a passionate advocate for universal healthcare. Raisa was deeply disturbed after the Dr Hadiza case and created the facebook group, Justice for Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba. She has been driven to take a more active role in defending the NHS after witnessing deliberate attempts to dismantle Britain's greatest treasure!



Dr Kit Latham

Kit believes that too much clinical time is wasted with paperwork and poor technology.  Despite his love of working in A&E, he left full time clinical medicine and to develop better digital tools for doctors, aiming to reduce the amount of time they waste on paperwork. He founded a startup called 'drfocused' to make better digital tools for doctors. The drfocused Exception Reporting app (iOS and Android)  is free for all doctors, and is the fastest way for doctors to record their hours and breaks, as well as unsafe staffing gaps and lack of senior support. 

Kit has an interest in supporting other doctors to build medical technology.  He and some other nerdy doctors formed a group called the Doctors' Digital Collective - to help doctors interested in tech connect and support one another. If you have an idea for how to reduce the burden on healthcare workers with technology, and you could use some support, he would love to hear from you.